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    Body Sculpture Skip Rope With Counter Bk 690 (pack Of 2)
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    Mechanical Counter can count upto 999 Length of rope - 9 feet(275cm)Muscle Building EquipmentsMade up of Ideal forAerobics

    Product Description •With transparent rope•Adjustable rope up to 9 feet [275cm]

    deal for professionals, amateurs as well as kids,

    this Skip Rope with Counter from Body Sculpture improves your cardio endurance.

    It provides a secure grip and helps in maintaining the speed during workouts. It has an automatic counter to keep track of your skips. Begin your workout with this skipping rope.

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    Body Sculpture Anti Burst Gym Ball - Diameter: 56 Cm
    1247 MRP: 1625

    Item Code: #SE1030

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    Ideal to Tone Specific Muscle Groups and Improve Flexibility

    Strengthens both Upper and Lower Body

    Made of Heavy Gauge PVC Material

    Suitable for Advanced Level of Exercise

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    Viva Strength Eqpts Bars IR 95026
    1247 MRP: 1565

    Item Code: # IR 95026

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    Viva Strength Eqpts Bars IR 95026

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    Adidas 20 Solid Lat Bar
    1255 MRP: 1400

    Item Code: # IR 95020

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    20?Solid Steel Knurled Chrome Bar with rubber contoured grips and end caps. Rubber grips are positioned towards the end of the bar, but you also have the option to grip the bar on the steel. Swivel cable attachment allows the bar to rotate freely keeping the users grip firmly in one position.