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    Body Sculpture Massage Figure Twister Stepper BB-920
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    Helps to slim the thighs, waist and hips

    Worldwide Patent

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    Body Sculpture Balance Board Bb 6360-B
    995 MRP: 1300

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    Fitness one Body Sculpture Balance Board Bb 6360-B

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    Kamachi Massage Twister No. K60 (Taiwan) (14) New
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    Kamachi Massage Twister Brings Fun Into Exercising. Designed To Trim And Tone Waistline, Work Your Lateral/ Abdominal Muscles, Strengthen The Back And Massage The Feet During Workout.

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    Body Sculpture Digital Magnetic Figure Twister Bb- 956- B
    1465 MRP: 1890

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    Premium quality fitness equipment for you

    Brand: Body Sculpture

    Sport: Fitness

    Product Type: Twister

    Dia: 10.8" (27.3cm) plate for stability

    LCD monitor: clock, time, count, fat burned and calories used

    Magnet fields to improve circulation

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    Swinging & Vibrating With Infra Red Rays
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    Features: Side to side 10 swinging speed 2 speed vibration for acupressure therapy Infra red light to reveals hidden joint pains Magneto therapy to stay painless Handy digital remote control Benefits: Morning walker machine gives you all the health benefits of brisk walk & jogging at home only. It helps you lose weight & to get back you in proper shape. It cuts your risk of suffering from hypertension & diabeties. Acupressure Therapy: There are more than 30 pressure points in soul of our feet and when bare feet are kept on the vibration part of this walking machine, a direct pressure is exerted to the pressure points which give a healing response to various body organs. Infrared Therapy: This therapy is well known for its healing effects. It helps to heal faster as the infrared rays penetrate deep in the body. Not only this, it also helps tissue repair & draining out toxins. Magneto Therapy: As magnet is another good source of healing pain & so this therapy is very helpful in healing pain. Also it increases blood circulation. Morning walker helps the persons suffering from Joint Pains, Arthritis, Obesity Cardiac Problems, Diabeties, High Blood Pressure and Organ Functioning problems. By using this home machine many health risks can be minimized. Also you can have a proper body shape. Moreover, morning walker price is in affordable range & people can buy morning walker online easily. Contents: 1 Infra Chi Walker 1 Twister 1 User Manual Benefits: Good for arms, waist, hips & legs Shed away extra body fat Increases blood circulation Good for feet It tones your thighs, waist & hips. Morning Walker Machine Fitness Morning Walking Machine helps you lose excess body fat. Also it gives you many health benefits only using for 15 minutes a day. Features: Compact & portable Simple to use Has automatic timer Benefits: Gives aerobic exercise to the entire body parts Helps to lose weight It generates inner strength in whole body Very helpful in blood circulation Relieves from muscles & back pain Increases immunity Tones thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach & breasts.

    Specifications of Landmark Inc ETF001H Swing Morning Walker With Infrared Massager (White)

    Sales Package1 Twister
    BrandLandmark Inc
    Model NameSwing Morning Walker With Infrared
    Model IdETF001H
    Power Required (Volts)220 - 240 220 - 240
    Power SourceElectric

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    Deemark Crazy Fit Massager
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    The Crazy Fit Vibration Stand up Massager gives you powerful stimulation to your body and benefits your health. It is not only a Massager; you can also call it a weight reduction Machine, A stress reliever, It provides a relaxation to your whole body muscles, which can be impossible for human to give you such a relaxing, powerful massage. This device not only provides ultimate relaxation and stress relief but also generates vibration in plate base that goes directly to your whole body. Thus research shows that it strengthens the cells of the body due to the repeated automatic "stretch reflex" in the muscles. Whole Body Vibration is the hottest and latest technology in Fitness. It is proving to be one of the most beneficial Fitness equipment that can give you many results. By applying the vibration to your body research claims that You improve circulation, tone nervous system and muscles and, enhance bone density. Research also claims the Machine is an excellent aid for a better range of motion, Core conditioning and stability And plays an excellent role in losing weight naturally. Comes with instruction manual,